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 Head Lice treatments - Removing head lice

Head lice treatments can vary from the costly to the cheap and or free. We will divide our treatments into the various types as it allows people to make an informed decision.

Free Head lice Treatment :
Wet Combing:
The best free treatment for head lice is wet combing. To do this you will need a fine tooth comb and water.

Wet the infested persons hair and simply comb the lice out. To make things a bit easier you can use some cheap conditioner as well. Cover the hair in conditioner and comb out.

Instructions for wet combing -
1) Wash the hair using normal every day shampoo then rinse normally.

2) After rinsing, completely cover the hair with copious amounts of cheap conditioner

3)Using a normal comb, comb out the hair. This gets rid of any tangles that may be present.

4) Use a fine tooth head lice comb, comb from the hair roots right through to the hair end.

5) repeat this procedure working in a methodical method making sure to cover every area of the head.

6) After each stroke of the comb, check for head lice. This is important as you do not want to be re-introducing head lice into the hair you have just combed. You can wipe the comb onto a white coloured peice of cloth or tissue. the dark head lice will be visible against the white background.
7) Once you have finished, rinse the hair and repeat. Repeat this 3 or 4 times every 3 days for 12 days.

Dry Combing Head Lice Treatment: This method is time consuming but the results are worthwhile. You will need to part the person hair and work on a methodical way to comb every part of the hair. Repeat the combing 3 - 4 times every three days for 12 days. Removing the eggs can be harder with dry hair but if you have some vinegar you can spray the hair with vinegar mixed with water to loosen the glue that binds the egg to the hair.

Dry Combing and Hair Straightener Head Lice Treatment:
This is the same as dry combing but before you comb the hair, use a hot hair straightener to kill the eggs and head lice. Just use the straightener as normal but slower. You can see a video on how to achieve this below: .



Head Lice Be Gone - The ebook that shows you how to remove head lice. CLICK HERE

Other Head Lice Treatments and Head Lice Home Remedies:
Chemical Head Lice Treatments:
Chemical treatments for head lice can be purchased from chemists (drug stores). Ask your pharmacist for help when you purchase one of these.

Essential Oils:
Essential oils can be successfully used to treat a head lice infestation. Here are some recipes that some people have found successful:

Head Lice Slammer
60 ml Sunflower Oil (normal cooking oil)
10 drops Anise Oil
5 Drops Clove Oil
10 Drops Eucalyptus oil
5 Drops Lavender Oil
10 Drops Tea Tree Oil

Mix the oils together and massage a spoon full of the mixture into scalp making sure to cover all the hair. Leave in for at least an hour then shampoo out with normal shampoo. Wet comb the hair to remove the eggs and head lice. 

Coconut Lice Crusher
8 teaspoons of coconut oil (you can use olive oil instead)
5 drops of Tea Tree oil
2 drops of Eucalyptus oil
8 drops of lavender oil
8 drops of rosemary oil
10 Teaspoons of normal shampoo

Mix all ingredients together and massage enough through scalp to work up a lather. Leave in for at least an hour then wash out. Wet comb the hair to remove the eggs and head lice.

Mayonnaise Head Lice Treatment:
The mayonnaise treatment is a pretty easy one that a lot of people swear by. To perform this treatment, get a jar of mayonnaise and smother it all over the infested persons head. Cover with a shower cap and leave for at least 3 hours. After three hours comb the mayonnaise out using a head lice comb.
The mayonnaise can smother the head lice suffocating them. The vinegar in the mayonnaise loosens the “glue” that sticks the head lice eggs to the hair.

After you have combed the mayonnaise out then shampoo the hair twice with normal shampoo. You need to do it twice as just once will not get the oil based mayonnaise fully out of the hair. Repeat this every three days for a total of three times.

Neem Head Lice Remedy:
Azadirachta indica (Neem) is a tree in the mahogany family. In India, the tree is variously known as "Sacred Tree," "Heal All," "Nature's Drugstore," "Village Pharmacy" and "Panacea for all diseases." Products made from neem tree have been used in India for over two millennia for their medicinal properties.

Neem has insecticide properties and is often used as a head lice treatment.
There are two ways in which neem is used to remove lice. These two ways are as follows:

Neem Oil - Rub the oil into the hair and scalp completly covering all the hair. Leave the oil in for an hour (you can cover with a shower cap so the oil does not get everywhere). Then comb the oil out in the shower using a headlice comb. Then shampoo the hair. Repeat this every three days for a total of three times.

Neem Soap - Neem soap can be used as shampoo and you should use it every 3 days with wet combing until there is no signs of head lice.

Listerine Head Lice Remedy:
Listerine is supposed to kill head lice. People cover their heads with it then wash it out after 25 minutes. Whether it works or not, we do not know.

Listerine and White Vinegar Head Lice Remedy:
Some readers of this site have suggested using listerine mixed with white vinegar in equal proportions. Leave this mixture in the childs hair for 3 hours. Wash out and repeat the next day for 3 days.

Vaseline and Plastic Wrap:
This head lice killing method relies on suffocating the headlice and starving them of oxygen. The method involves completely covering the infested persons hair and scalp with Vaseline and then wrapping the top of the head with plastic wrap. Leave the wrap on for 4 hours or over night. You may need to wash the vaseline out with dishwashing liquid as normal shampoo may not be strong enough.

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