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 How to Detect Head Lice:

Powdered Kauri Gum & Conditioner head lice treatment
Mix a gram or two of powdered kauri gum with conditioner and comb through the hair. The kauri gum resin contains natural plant oils that headlice do not like. The gritty powder also irritates the lice and can damage their bodies. The powder will wash out with luke warm water and leaves the hair smelling great. You can buy kauri gum powder here

Head lice are fairly easy to detect but here are some tips for those not familiar with what they are looking for or at.

Head lice like to live near the nape of the neck. A very easy indicator if a child has headlice is to look at the back of their head. if the child has a messy looking patch of hair (if the hair looks teased) near the bottom of the hair line then they may have head lice. The messy hair indicates the head has been scratched in that area.

Constant scratching of the head can also be an indicator. Head lice can make the head very itchy.

It is important to use bright light to look at a suspected infestation. This will allow you to see the lice moving as you part the hair. Headlice do not like light and will migrate out of the light to get away.

Dandruff can confuse people into thinking they have head lice, cooties or nits. To test if what you see is an headlice egg (nit) try moving it away from the hair strand. If you find it difficult to move, then it may be a head lice egg.

What do headlice look like?      What do head lice eggs look like?


The above picture is of a male and female head lice next to a match head for size comparison. 


This picture shows head lice eggs (nits). The white specks are the eggs that have been attached to a hair.



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