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Welcome to the Head Lice Hitman

The free head lice treatment site. Learn about head lice infestation and how to remove nits, headlice and kutuís. We also feature home remedy head lice treatments - how to get rid of head lice cheaply and easily using products you probably already have at home.

Headlice are sometimes called cooties, kutus and nits. the term nits commonly refers to the eggs that the head lice leave in the hair.

Headlice infestation is a major problem especially amongst school age children, but having head lice does not mean you are dirty. head lice actually prefer clean hair!! 

We are an independant help site that has been created to help people. We rely on advertising to keep this site running.


 Site News

The site is now back up and running. We are endeavoring to provide the most accurate and up to date head lice removal techniques. If you know of a head lice solution that works please feel free to contact us and we will add it to the site. The more information, the more we can help others.

Head lice are not seasonal
Please remember that head lice infestation is not a seasonal problem. It is important to pay attention to your childrenís hair even when they are on school holidays. if you can eradicate the head lice in the holidays it can help eradicate the lice from the school.

Head Lice Forum
We now have our head lice forum up and running. Please feel free to join, we have a few members already but the more the better !!

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